We have included some frequently asked questions below. If your query isn't included then don't hesitate to contact us here

Where is your food prepared ?

All our meals are prepared in our home kitchen in Bournville which has been approved by Birmingham City Council as a commercial kitchen

Are your ready meals freshly made ?

All our meals are freshly prepared on the day of delivery of your order so they will taste as if they have just been cooked.

How should I store the ready meals ? 

All our ready meals are delivered fridge ready and should be refrigerated on delivery. Ready meals sent through the post are frozen. Put immediately in the freezer if you plan to store them for any length of time. Most have a 3 day shelf life although salads are best eaten within two days. Follow the storage instructions on the box. Many of our meals can be frozen (check the storage instructions on the label).

Can your ready meals be tailored to my taste ?

As all our dishes are made freshly to order we have included a 'special request' box for you to request any special dietary needs (some of our dishes can be made suitable for vegans) or taste requirements; e.g. more or less spicy. This is within reason however and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

How do I reheat your ready meals ?

Our ready meals are designed to be hassle free ! Each dish comes with reheating and storage instructions as well as the full list of allergens. Most our dishes are designed to be reheated in a microwave although some of our starters are best reheated in the oven. All salads are delivered ready to eat. Let us know if you need disposable cutlery and we will include it with your order.

Do you cater for  people with specific dietary needs ?

We have included categories to cater for vegans and people with gluten intolerance so you can search for dishes suitable for your own specific dietary requirement. We plan to extend this over time to cater for people looking for low calorie options, low salt etc.

What precautions are you taking during the
COVID 19 pandemic to protect customers ?

As a small family business no-one outside of the home is coming on to our premises so we have complete control over our environment. We maintain the highest level of hygiene, hair and face cover during production with regular cleaning routines and anti bacterial hand wash in place at our work station.

How do you manage social distancing during deliveries and collections ?

We offer a non contact delivery service. We ring your doorbell or knock on your door and your order is placed on your doorstep. We stand back a minimum of 2 metres and wait for you to collect your order before leaving. If you don't collect your order, we will give you a call to let you know your order has arrived. 

Which areas do you deliver to ?

We deliver daily to 2 zones across Birmingham grouped by postcode. If your postcode is not listed below then you will have to collect your order from our home kitchen in Bournville. We can now ship in refrigerated packaging across the UK 

ZONE 1 - B30, B31  | £2.50 | Free delivery for orders over £15

ZONE 2 - B13 to B17, B29, B32 & B38 | £2.50 | Free delivery for orders over £35

ZONE 3 - UK Wide (frozen only)

What If I am not home when you deliver ?

When you place your order you can choose the day you wish to have your order delivered.  We will contact you with a couple of delivery slots to arrange a time convenient for you. For orders shipped through the post you will receive a tracking number which you can use to track delivery.

Can you deliver to my place of work ?

As long as your workplace falls within one of our delivery zones, you can arrange to have your order delivered directly to your office. As long as you order in advance we can also deliver lunches.

Do you deliver on weekends ?

We are open for delivery/collections Monday to Saturday 5pm-9pm. We are closed Sundays.