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  • How much time is needed to order party food?
    When running classes, it is necessary to request Party Food Catering at least two months in advance. This timeframe allows for securing a date and preparing the food.
  • Are the food conditions hot or cold?
    The food will be serve cold, and room temperature
  • Can you do delivery ?
    Currently, all food orders must be picked up from our kitchen on the designated date and time allocated.
  • Will the food be prepared to look like the pictures when served?
    Some dishes will be ready to serve as is, while a few menu items will require preparation and serving at the venue. This is to prevent them from being ruined during transport. Don't worry, detailed instructions on how to set up will be provided.
  • Is it possible to order party food catering that accommodates allergens or special dietary requirements?
    Certainly, please contact us in advance for special dietary requirements, including vegan or vegetarian options.
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